The Future Is Female

As GLO our mission is to unlock the intelligence, passion, creativity, brilliance and bravery that lies in every girl and help her become her best self. To achieve that end GLO (Girls Living Out-Loud) aims to provide a safe environment for young girls (13 -18) to develop emotional intelligence, self- esteem, positive decision making skills and self-awareness to assist them to become better equipped to deal with the various obstacles they face We believe that girls need positive female role models and positive spaces where they can gain strength by coming together to learn from and about extraordinary people young and old changing their communities and their worlds. Girls need to be reminded that they are remarkable beings who can aspire to become anything they dream of despite the negative messages they are constantly confronted with. At GLO we believe in holistic development, it is not just about academics. We believe in physical, creative and social development and that by focusing on the whole girl we will be able to awaken, create and empower the future female leaders of this country

GLO Code

I am DARING, SMART and RESILIENT. I am kind, helpful, thoughtful and polite. I strive to be my best and do my best at all times. I stand tall, walk confidently, and respect myself and others. I listen to others but I will always fight for what I believe in. I have the courage to do what is right. I am a go-getter, an innovator and a change maker. I do not conform. I shine bright wherever I go. I aim to make the world around me a better place. I follow. I lead. I learn. I teach. I am disciplined, motivated and humble. I am a dreamer, an optimist, an adventurer, a rare breed. I am independent, brave and strong yet gentle and compassionate. I wear my heart on my sleeve and with my gentleness I touch hearts and with my compassion I impact lives. I am golden. I am beautiful. I am proud to be myself. But most importantly, I am me. I will let my black girl magic glow and do the impossible. I am the future.




Teach a Girl to Swim Programme

As GLO our mission is to unlock the intelligence, passion, creativity, brilliance and bravery that lies in every girl and help become her best self. We believe that the Teach a Girl to Swim Programme is one of those tools that can help us further our mission. Swimming, unlike many other types of sports forces you to push your limits and challenge yourself. These critical skills of setting and realizing goals, that swimming teaches, can be transferred into real life situations enabling girls to lead more goal-orientated lives. Furthermore, involvement in swimming improves self-esteem and self-confidence. It also encourages and strengthens peer relationships based on respect and cooperation. Finally, swimming aids in stress reduction and can provide an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety.






Pimp My Library Project

A Reading Nation is a Leading Nation

Vera Nazarian once said, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” The Pimp my Library Project aims to do exactly that, bring more light into the lives of the children of Evaton and other disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The project firstly aims to create a safe library space where children can read and secondly to facilitate that reading through the Reading Club. We believe that when people are given the best, they too rise and give of their best. Giving children who are otherwise expected to fail and opportunity to rise up a shine is the greatest promise we can make to the future of this beautiful country.

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