2 Girls 10 Races 420 km - Running to Empower Girls
  • Maserame Sekano

    WHY DO I RUN? If you were to ask all runners that question the answer would be, "Honestly I don't know." But putting on my running gear is the best feeling in the world. i have always been an active person. I started running in short distances in Primary School. In High School I played soccer and did Latin American and Ballroom dancing. I also played basketball. In 2013 I went through some person problems and to avoid depression I started running again. Then in 2014 a friend convinced me to enter the Sasol Marathon, where I ran my first 10km race and as they say, the rest is history. Running is fun. Being around people who live, love, breathe and speak the same language as me keeps me motivated. Completing 10 Comrades keeps me motivated to train harder every day (1 down, 9 to go). My motto: "Its hard to beat a person who never gives up"

  • Matseliso Photolo

    WHY DO I RUN? Well, right now I don't know think I can call what I do running, I am kind of just dragging myself, with a lot of effort from start to finish. For me running is extremely challenging. Challenging to my body, challenging my mind basically just one huge challenge. I started running because of the girls I work with through GLO (Girls Living Out-LOud). For the girls, learning to swim was a huge challenge. A challenge that I threw them into and encouraged them to find their strength (both mental and physical) and overcome the challenge. Changing their mindsets about Maths was a challenge. Learning to play chess was a challenge. Defining their values was a challenge. Throughout all the activities we engage in as part of the GLO programme the girls experienced challenges and I kept telling them about girl power and how unstoppable they were and how I believed in them for some it worked for others it really didn't and I just couldn't understand why. So instead of just telling girls they can I am running to show girls that they can. Running is challenging but I believe maybe with more training and more effort to change my mindset towards running I can overcome this challenge so that girls will believe that they too can overcome whatever comes their way. My Motto: "Feel the fear and do it anyway"


We often say the future is female but how invested are we really in contributing towards building those confident, fearless, empowered, innovative, passionate future females? How are we lifting them up? Our mission as The G.L.O Club is to unlock the intelligence, passion, creativity, brilliance and bravery that lies in every girl and help become her best self. Through our programmes we aim to create safe spaces that allow girls to discover their magic and be bold enough to use their magic to be fierce and live out-loud. Over the course of 10 races our two girl #girlsontherun team aims to run 420km to raise funds to: Continue to support girls as they embark on their journey of self discovery and self love Expand our mentoring and swimming programmes Establish a STEM programme with a focus in coding The campaign ends on the 8th of March 2020 which is International Women's Day

The Races

1. The Total Sports Women's Race ( 10km x 2) 2. The Sharpville Half Marathon (10km x 2) 3. The Rand Water Vaal River City Marathon (10km x 1) 4. The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (42km x 1) 5. The Diepkloof Half Marathon (21km x 2) 6. The Soweto Marathon (21km x 1 & 42km x 1) 7. The Tough One (32km x 1) 8. The Johnson Crane Marathon (21km x 1 & 42km x 1) 9. The Sasol Marathon (21km x 1 & 42km x 1) 10. The Vaal Marathon (21km x 1 & 42km x 1) Some of the girls have also committed to running/walking 10km each (10km x 15)

Donate now to remind girls, that "The power [they] have is to be the best version of [themselves] [they] can be, so that [they] can create a better world" - Ashley Rickards #togetHERwearestronger #girlsontherun